The current agreement has been written in Italian. In the case of a conflict between any of the translated versions of the current agreement in Italian, this version will be the latest to refer to.
Date of last update: July 2016.

1. Service content

iTANDEM S.r.l. is a communications and computing services organisation with legal headquarters in Rome (Italy), Via Vito Giuseppe Galati no. 133 A, cap. 00155. iTANDEM offers users a service (which will be referred to hereafter as the ‘Service’), which allows them to practice a foreign language for free, whether online or offline. This can be done by means of a face-to-face language exchange, publishing and viewing private adverts for subjects they’re aiming to teach, buying, marketing goods or offering and receiving services and concluding contracts. The Service allows those users who are interested in the publications to get in contact with other users.

iTANDEM offers the following type of services in particular:
The online Tandem Service: enables a linguistic exchange, through an algorithm which exclusively matches up the personal information provided upon registration by the online registrants. The service is accessible to iTANDEM users through internet, telephone, mobile or mobile applications.

The offline Tandem Service: through this service, users can meet up in person with the aim of carrying out a linguistic exchange. The decision regarding the exchange encounter will be made based on the judgement and under the full responsibility of the user.

Language lessons: iTANDEM allows users to publish and search for advertisements and offers related to paid language lessons with ‘qualified teachers’ or ‘natives’. iTANDEM does not form part of the hereafter contract stipulated between the User and Teacher; the aim of iTANDEM is, in fact, to mediate between the offers and requests, operating only as an intermediary in the settlements made outside of the website and according to the agreements exclusively made between the user and teacher. As such, iTANDEM will not respond to any damage caused by or to the User, by or to the Teacher or third parties, nor will they take responsibility for any breaches of contractual regulations or any applicable legal regulation to the teacher or third party on behalf of the user.

Job offers: iTANDEM allows users to publish and search for advertisements and offers of employment. iTANDEM will not form part of the hereafter contract stipulated between the User and the Employer. The aim of iTANDEM is, in fact, to mediate between offers and requests, operating only as an intermediary in the settlement. This will be stipulated outside of the website and according to the agreements exclusively made between the user and employer. As such, iTANDEM will not respond to any damage of or towards the user, the employer or third parties, nor will they take responsibility for any kind of breach of contract or any applicable legal regulation; it will not respond to breaches made by the User, Employer or third parties, nor will it be summoned to court to respond to compensation of damages made by the User, employer or third parties, having acted only as an intermediary.

Rooms and houses to rent: iTANDEM allows users to publish and search for ads and offers related to the rental of properties, whether they are houses or rooms. iTANDEM will not form part of the hereafter contract stipulated between the User and the ‘owner’. The aim of iTANDEM is, in fact, to mediate between offers and requests, operating only as an intermediary in the settlement. This will be stipulated outside of the website and according to the agreements exclusively made between the user and owner. As such, iTANDEM will not respond to any damage of or towards the user, the employer or third parties, nor will it take responsibility for any breaches of contract or applicable legal regulation; it will not respond to breaches made by the User, the Owner or third parties, nor will it be summoned to court to respond the compensation of damages made by the User, owner or third parties, having acted only as an intermediary.

City Section: through this service iTANDEM allows users to view and create content which helps other users to find new places for an experience abroad. In this section, it will be possible, under the user’s own exclusive responsibility, to identify places of historic, artistic and cultural interest, business exercises and content that may be of interest to the users. The information in this module is the exclusive property of the user who publishes it, and therefore they will take any kind of civil and penal responsibility for it. iTANDEM will still be able to use all content of the information and images shared by the users on the same website.

2. Ownership of the platform

iTANDEM S.r.l. is the only web platform owner which manages the processes of the Service, as well as those with inherent rights to the use of the platform.

3. Registration process and access to iTANDEM.

In order to have access to the features and iTANDEM services, each user must register. iTANDEM reserves the right to reject a new registration and to delete an account at any time. To proceed with the registration process it is necessary to have a minimum age of 18 years, as well as to have read and accepted the current user Conditions, the cookie Policy and privacy information, understanding that they form part of the current agreement and having filled out all of the obligatory fields in the registration section. That is, the fields which refer to the following personal information: name, surname, email address, sex, date of birth, place of birth, current location, languages spoken and the languages they wish to practice. The platform also offers the option of uploading a profile picture.

During the registration process, the user should provide a password which they will aim to keep secret. The user will exclude iTANDEM from all liability regarding the improper use of the username and password by third parties which may have in any way discovered the password and user access information. All accounts should be registered with a valid email address and a user account reference.

After registration, iTANDEM is entitled to send the user emails with administrative and promotional content, information related to account activity, the services required and the iTANDEM updates and relevant services, other promotional offers and information on the advertisement requests or offers published on the site. At any moment the user can express their wish not to receive promotional emails by communicating this to iTANDEM.

The user guarantees that all of the data and information provided at the time of registration and the content in their personal account are true and complete. The user is also obliged to communicate any updates that must be made to the data and information provided immediately, by carrying out the update themselves on their own account.

The user is obliged not to provide false or misleading information, including names, addresses or false contact information and is obliged not to abuse the use of the website and the possible jobs found or language classes offered, job offers, property rental contracts and to not evade the iTANDEM security measures or abuse the website by using services for purposes which aren’t related to those stated in section 1 of these conditions. They are also obliged not to carry out any illegal activity regarding the use of the Website and / or the services offered by iTANDEM.

The user must not create more than one personal account, must not create another account without authorization from the website if their previous account has been eliminated by iTANDEM, and must not share their account or account access information with third parties, without the previous written authorization made by iTANDEM.

It is forbidden to register with iTANDEM if you have previously been convicted for committing crimes, with particular reference to crimes of a sexual nature, such as but not limited to: sexual violence, bullying, stalking, child abuse, prostitution or other crimes, such as, for example, fraud.

iTANDEM does not guarantee that the services offered will be free of viruses or other elements which could cause damage to any kind of technology.

The equipment (computer, software, telecommunication services, internet connection, etc) which allows access to the Services, as well as the telecommunication costs deriving from the use of these, are the exclusive responsibility of the registrant.

4. Newsletter and communication.

When the User wishes to receive emails of the iTANDEM newsletter or communications related to the current advertisements on a specific date on the portal, they must authorise iTANDEM to send emails, and they must authorise the way in which their own personal information is used.

5. Suspension of the service and solution

The access to the services offered by iTANDEM and access to the iTANDEM website can be taken away, restricted or interrupted at any time. iTANDEM reserves the right to block access to any kind of material and/or delete any material which, according to the rational and legal judgement of iTANDEM itself, could give way to abusing the purpose and conditions of the services offered. iTANDEM reserves the right to close the account of any user who breaches the usage terms and conditions expressed in this document.

6. Compromise to colaborate with authority

iTANDEM is obliged to cooperate, collaborate and work with, at any time, all of the relevant authorities, including legal authorities, when they order or require iTANDEM to communicate their identity or location, as well as other information regarding those responsible for any kind of technological infringement.

7. Personal data

The user’s personal information will be treated in compliance with the privacy regulations of the owner. For more information, we ask you to read our Privacy Regulations containing said information.

1. Safety

iTANDEM has adopted the necessary security measures to guarantee the secrecy and confidentiality of personal information, defined according to the applicable legal regulations, and it is strictly prohibited for users to publish unauthorised business correspondences (such as spam) on the current website; save user content or information, access iTANDEM using automated tools without previous authorisation; launch multi-level marketing campaigns; upload viruses or other harmful ciphers; try to obtain access information or access users’ accounts; disparage, intimidate or bother other users; publish threatening or pornographic content or any content which may provoke hate or violence, naked images or images of explicit or gratuitous violence; use iTANDEM for illegal, malicious, discriminatory or misleading purposes; take action which may impede, overload or sacrifice the correct operation of iTANDEM, promote or encourage the breach of the current terms and conditions related to privacy.

2. Cookies

Some website pages and the application contain cookies, which are small data files produced on the User’s computer to allow our system to remember the selected language and place, as well as other features or navigation preferences of the user in the first session. These cookies are not invasive or harmful, nor do they contain personal information, the only aim is to personalise your experience as previously stated. In any case, you can always activate the browser settings in order to reject the installation of cookies.

3. Authorised use and prohibited use

Taking into account the fully transcribed regulations of the previous articles, the user is obliged to: behave correctly when it concerns iTANDEM and other users; to respect the rights to intellectual property about content published by iTANDEM and other users; to not use the service for harassment or prostitution or for any other intention, expressively prohibited by any dispostion of the applicable law, or for the present terms and conditions; to post, indicate or diffuse any infomation of any shape or form that conforms to reality. In particular, photos, videos and any information, data or documents allowed by a user should be decent and refer exclusively to the inscribed user, or if it refers to a third party, should conduct an explicit consentment and be under the exclusive responsability of the member.

Not to publish, reveal or diffuse, under any circomstance, information or content that has an objective of reducing, disorganising, preventing the normal use of services, interrupting and/or slowing down the normal circulation of communication between the inscribed users through the services, such as software, virus, logic bombs, sent messages on mass by a user with an aim of guaranteeing the quality of the normal use of service by other members.

Not to publish, reveal or diffuse, under any circomstance, any information or content that includes links to websites of third parties with a legal nature, contrary to morals and/or that don't cumply to the service offered by iTANDEM.

That it is expressively prohibited to afirm or formulate expresions or disclose under any form content that can infringe the rights of third parties with a defamatory, slanderous, obscene, offensive, violent nature or incite violence, politics, racism or xenophobia and in general contain, in opposition to the service, the laws and current norms, to personal rights or morals. While iTANDEM prohibits such content and material, you can recognise and accept, however, that you can be put on display to this content or material and use the service provided by iTANDEM under the complete responsability, for when iTANDEM is concerned, it will not be held responsible for the content distributed by its users.

In addition, it is prohibited to provide a description of a users' own physical aspect, as iTANDEM is not a dating site and such actions would be against the aims of the services provided.

Even though iTANDEM offers the possibility to write private messages to users, it must be recognised and accepted that this sent information is personal to the user and the whole responsability is assume all of the resulting risks. iTANDEM, however, suggests that you get to know the linguistic partner on the website before sending any personal information, of which we completely advise against any distribution.

iTANDEM S.r.l. requires its users to use their password and/or user name exclusively to authenticate the service. In this way, the user mustn't, even though this list isn't exhaustive, communicate, diffuse, share or make accessible, in any way whatsoever, their passwords and/or identification codes to a third party.

iTANDEM reserves itself the right to erase any content or accounts that it considers vulgar, against the aims of the service, dangerous for other users, against the applicable laws, including with respect to the norms of intelectual property, or against these terms and conditions, without previous notice and without allowing any type of refund.

1. Limitation of responsability

iTANDEM doesn't give any guarantees concerning the content, integrity and accuracy of published advertisements, nor with data published or information previously published by a user, nor the quantity or quality of the results obtained through the service. In any case, iTANDEM reserves itself, at any moment in time, the right to evaluate, approve, remove or forbid the usage of its services or the right to stop a particular search or contact by the medium of the advertisement answer form if, by its own judgment the use of this service by a user refers to specific poduct sections or can be considered harmful to the rights and prerogatives of iTANDEM or of third parties. It is understood that, including in the case of evaluation and validation of advertisements (if automatically or manually) iTANDEM cannot guarantee their content, integrity and accuracy. iTANDEM is also not concerned by possible negociations derived from the use of the service, and therefore, doesn't guarantee its kindliness or success, or any refund, compensation, repair and/or compensation request of any type that could be carried out against iTANDEM.

The service offers itself, via the website www.itandem.it and its mobile application that could contain banner/links to other websites or applications that aren't under iTANDEM's control; the right to publish banners/links that don't include the adoption or approval or the guarantee by iTANDEM of its related websites and content, nor implies any gurantee by the former of assuming any responsability. The user recognises, that iTANDEM isn't responsible, at an exemplative level, of the truthfulness, accuracy, integrity, in respect to the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property, nor answers to the enventual difference at public level, correct behaviour and morals.

iTANDEM's activity doesn't include the organisation of “real” meetings nor the supply of an Internet access, nor the benefit of a electronic public communication service. In consequence, iTANDEM doesn't have the legal obligation to check the real identity of users when they connect to the website or to monitor content, information and public declarations for its users. From iTANDEM it isn't technically possible to allow such benefits, iTANDEM doesn't have any contractual obligation or responsability to check the identity of it members or the accuracy of the content they publish.

However, iTANDEM, without implying any responsability, recommends users take a few precautions into account when meeting other users. iTANDEM doesn't assume any responsability relative to meetings between members, in the service or in the case of finding members and/or non members using this service. Additionally, in the case of a first physical encounter, it is recommended to advert a close friend and choose a public place (bar, restaurant, etc.).

2. Intellectual property

All rights are reserved. In particular, all rights of intelectual property (such as authors' rights, patents, comercial brands, service brands, registered brands, designs, registered or not) present on the iTANDEM website and all public informative content or such access that is granted through the services offered by iTANDEM, all the data bases managed by iTANDEM, underlying texts, grafics, ilustrations, software, photos, videos, music, sounds, source codes and all software, and in general all the offered information and content on the iTANDEM website is propriety of its portal, or of the users that publish advertisements on the website.

All of the material listed above cannot be reproduced, distributed, copied, redistributed, replicated, downloaded, viewed, published or transmitted in any shape or form, sold, rented, sub-licenced, used to create derived work or exploited in any way in the absence of the preventative and expressive authorisation of iTANDEM.

It is permitted to find and view content of iTANDEM on the screen of a PC, tablet or smartphone and to keep the content in an electronic form on a disk (but not on a servor or in a stocking device connected to a network) or print a copy of this content exclusively for personal and not commercial use, always keeping the relative notes to authors' rights or other property rights intact. It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, copy, distribute or use material or content of iTANDEM for commercial use, without its previous expressive authorisation.

All rights, including the goodwill and, currently, the brands of iTANDEM are the property of the former. Other names of products or goods, as well as the names mentioned on the website, including if the representatives of commercial brands, registered or unregistered commercial brands are of the exclusive property of their respective owners.

iTANDEM reserves itself the right to inspect public comments of users, avoiding published comments that are inappropriate to the nature of the service provided.

3. Information and material published by users

The user recognises that they are responsible of any material that is published or sent and that they, and not iTANDEM, have full responsability of its content, legality, accuracy, originality, intellectual property and authors' rights.

The user is totally and exclusively responsible of the use of the provided services (of those that are expressively refered to within the publication, consultation, management functions of insertions and contact between users) and is, the sole responsable of the goods and services offered by iTANDEM, such as the accuracy, integrity and legality of the inserts and its own behaviour in the case of contact between users. The user guarantees the availability and/or ownership of goods/services object to the their own advertisements. The user also guarantees that its advertisements, comments, reviews or publications of any other type do not violate any authors' right nor any rights of third parties. In the case of notifications of third parties, referring to any user activity on the iTANDEM website or related to the former, the user assumes full responsability and commits itself to keeping iTANDEM from any harm, loss or cost. The user commits to the use of advertisement answer forms with the only incentive of contact and the exchange of information with other users about the advertisement, the use of appropriate language, the respect of the law, moral and public order. The user also assumes full responsability for any harm that could result from its computing system for the service user.

Also the user, gives iTANDEM and its affiliates the non exclusive right, in any intent, to use the specific name in connection to the sent content, not subject to authors' rights, ilimited, transferable, irrevocable and conceivable in the sub-licencing of using, reproducing, modifying, adapting, translating, distributing, publishing, creating other derivatives, making it publicly visible and monitoring the sent content to the world, in any form, unknown or conceived in a future.

4. General clauses.

iTANDEM declines to any responsability related to the violation of obligations that iTANDEM owns and presents in these functionning conditions, in the cases of a strong force and for reasons that aren't traceable to the former.

The present document “terms and conditions of the iTANDEM user contains all the acorded terms between relative parts to the object of the offered services by iTANDEM that exclude and prevail before previous understandings or agreements between parties, whether oral or written.

5. Aplicable law and jurisdiction.

The law is appliable to the present conditions of use, such as all of the subsequent judicial contracts between iTANDEM and the connected users to the services offered by the present portal are in Italian.

The jurisdiction to resolve any dispute in the Tribunal of Rome, where the company has its social headquarters.

The following obligatory general information is provided:
iTANDEM is a service offered by iTANDEM S.r.l.

Legal headquarters: Via Vito Giuseppe Galati n. 133 A, cap. 00155, Roma

Operative headquarters: Via Vito Giuseppe Galati n. 133 A, cap. 00155, Roma

E-mail address: administration@itandem.it

Company registration: