This is where you grow. Pedal with us!

We wish to reveal our dream: this is to become the largest university students and young workers community abroad. Yes, that’s right, it is a dream… a great one. Experience, however, has taught us that when one has a clear goal and a strong will to pedal, well, everything is possible and achievable.

There is another component which, as Messner puts it, allows us to “move mountains” so to achieve a dream: sharing the trip with people willing to pedal along with you. With the same determination. With the same inclination towards growth.

Are you that person?

Job opportunities

We do appreciate and like all those who think outside the box, those who suggest and offer as well as those who are not stopped by the fear of making mistakes.

If this matches your profile, and if you deal with programming, copywriting, video-making or graphics, well in this case, we are looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you.

What about you? Do you fancy pedalling along with us? Fill in the following form. Should you reckon that iTANDEM is the right place for one of your friends, feel free to send them the link at once. ;)

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Become an iTANDEM franchisee

iTANDEM is about the exchange of languages and cultures and sharing knowledge. The iTANDEM cities section is indeed filled with contents shared by the users themselves regarding a city they have visited or they have lived in.

What kind of contents? Information, reviews and comments, images on events, places to visit, spaces, mobility…

We want this section to be a reference point, a landmark for whoever wishes to get information about a city.

This is when you come in, as a franchisee.

What does an iTANDEM franchisee do?

What we ask our franchisee collaborators to do is run the site pages applied to a specific territory.

You basically have to make sure the pages are always updated and looked after as far as texts and photography materials are concerned. All the rest – from technical maintenance to advertising – will be our duty!

As a franchisor, at iTANDEM, we commit ourselves to:

  • transmitting all our competences and knowledge;
  • ensuring constant assistance.

You may also opt for a franchising formula which includes iTANDEM communication responsibility in the area of your expertise. Upon signing the contract, you will be sent an operative form containing all the rules to stick to throughout our collaboration.

Who is entitled to becoming an iTANDEM franchisee? Students, freelancers, independent contractors and companies alike. What matters to us is that all our franchisee collaborators totally share our iTANDEM goals.

Well then, are you the one we are looking for? Write and let us know! If you reckon someone may be interested in becoming one of our franchisee collaborators, then spread the word!